The American Jewish Community in the 20th and 21st Century

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This book seeks to demonstrate how a small, impoverished group of immigrants rose from the slums of America’s big
cities to wealth, education, and political power in the course of one century. It describes the challenging and rewarding path taken by American Jews throughout the twentieth century.


"The American Jewish community is therefore an example of the American dream. That dream became reality for the Jewish community because the United States is the only country on earth which values the individual over government, the only land where freedom reigns, and the only Christian community which has never persecuted its Jewish minority."
From the Preface

Table of Contents



Chapter One: The Jewish Religion in America

Chapter Two: The Jewish Family

Chapter Three: The Feminization of the American Jewish Community

Chapter Four: Jewish Education and the Education of American Jews

Chapter Five: Social Stratification in the Jewish Community

Chapter Six: Jews in the American Military

Chapter Seven: American Jews in Politics

Chapter Eight: Jewish Contributions to the American Movie Industry

Chapter Nine: American Jewish Songwriters and Musicians

Chapter Ten: The Influence of Literature on the Jewish Community

Chapter Eleven: American Jewish Inventors and Scientists

Chapter Twelve: American Jews in Sports

Epilogue: The Future of the American Jewish Community



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