Gathering of the Gospels From Papyrus to Printout

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This book examines the planning and production of the original copies of the four gospels and Acts. It provides much new information about these books and the relations between them. The progression from first to last is shown to be a logical sequence of addition and expansion.


"A. Q. Morton, recognised a world leading authority on disputed authorship, now shows the precise extent of the indebtedness and how the different sections were combined to make the books. . . . Morton boldly asks, if the first three are compilations, is it not likely the fourth is also one? This thought is anathema to most scholars, but the book demonstrates that this gospel is a combination of two major sources in an ingenious way. One of these sources is akin to Mark, but shows no direct dependence on it, the other is distinctively different from the other gospels. The analysis of John is the most remarkable section of the book, but it is full of fresh information. It sparkles with apposite illustrations and the flashes of insight that are a feature of this writer's work. The book will compel students of the New Testament to revise many of their most cherished ideas, not just about the gospels but about Jesus and the origins of the Christian church." - James McLeman

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