Fundamentals of Islamic Asymmetric Warfare: A Documentary Analysis of the Principles of Muhammad

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Written by an expert in modern insurgency doctrine for the United States armed forces, this work skillfully blends issues of contemporary relevance with
modern and medieval historical background. The work is unique in bringing
Islamic texts to the discussion.


“Unlike many of his contemporaries, Rodgers relies on sacral and legal texts that are accepted within the ummah (community of believers) of Islam. His detailed analysis of Muhammad’s revelations and actions, which Muslims believe should be emulated, provides readers with a fundamental knowledge that can serve as a base for understanding the current tactics and long term strategy of Islamic fundamentalists.” - Prof. Adam Lowther, Air Force Research Institute

“The author has meticulously combed the medieval Islamic historians and the oral traditions about Muhammad’s life and sayings in the collections of hadith to supplement use of the Qur’an and to verify his views with primary evidence. The general obscurity of these sources in the West and even their inaccessibility to non-specialists (in either Arabic of English) render this collection of medieval Islamic sources on early Muslim warfare and the strategy behind Islamic insurgency an immensely valuable research tool, useful to both scholars and students in history, political science, policy studies, and religion.” - Prof. Everett L. Wheeler, Duke University

Table of Contents

1. Campaign Overview
2. Fundamentals of Islamic Asymmetric Warfare
3. The Use of Intelligence and Propaganda
4. Principles of Deception
5. Seeking the Casus Belli
6. Fighting, Killing, and Dying
7. Operations
8. Logistics

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