Functional Approach to Educational Research Methods and Statistics- Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches

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An informative text on educational research and statistics, this book tries to utilize outcomes of research for the benefit of humanity. Examines how research is conducted across the major traditions of educational research (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods). It is designed for graduate students who want to pursue statistics, and it will help them to write their thesis. The book fulfills a need for a systematic account of research concepts and the use of statistics for advanced students.


“The book’s most immediate value resides in helping the reader to understand the concept of the research process as a tool for furthering the search for solutions to education and further scholarship.”

-Prof. R.K. Mibey,
Moi University

“The author offers a simplified approach in presenting research concepts and principles; utilizes real life examples, and attempts to orient the reader to the different types of educational research in a creative manner.”

-Prof. Christopher Mugimu,
Makerere University

“This book will be a welcome addition to the literature of educational research.”

-Prof. James Matis,
Texas A&M

Table of Contents

Foreword by Richard K. Mibey
Chapter One – Research: Meaning, Types and Language

Chapter Two – Identifying a Research Problem

Chapter Three – Literature Review

Chapter Four – Specifying Purpose for Research and Research Questions and Hypothesis

Chapter Five – Collecting Data

Chapter Six – Basic Statistics

Chapter Seven – Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Chapter Eight – Reporting and Evaluating Research

Chapter Nine – Mixed Methods of Research

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