From Weimar Philosemite to Nazi Apologist the Case of Walter Bloem

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The work describes one of Germany's best-known nationalists, Walter Bloem, his philosophical transformations, and his controversial contributions to German literature. His philosemitic novel Brotherhood represents a socio-political perspective in 20th-century Germany. His work is best understood in the semi-autobiographical light which Morris' book provides.


"Analyzing copious press reviews representing all poles of the Weimar political system, Morris demonstrates how . . . Bloem's response to the novel's rejection was to shift further to the right and ultimately to espouse National Socialism. . . . Morris's highly informative study is thoroughly researched, particularly the chapters treating Brüderlichkeit. . . . contributes significantly to our understanding of literary reception during the Weimar Republic and should serve as a useful point of departure for future research on the post-1933 careers of other authors from Bloem's generation." - German Studies Review

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