Four Major Latin American Writers--Pablo Neruda, Mario Vargas Llosa, Carlos Fuentes, and Gabriel GarcÍa MÁrquez

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This study provides insights into the Latin American literary tradition by analyzing the diverse views of eminent and lesser known writers. The author’s use of critical theory—psychoanalysis, phenomenology, Bakhtin, Marx, postmodernism, and post-structuralism—enables scholars to link the study of world literature and contemporary trends in literary theory.


“A sorely needed series of critical photo albums detailing World Literature’s defining neighborhoods could have found no more dedicated and creative initiator than Raphael Comprone. . . . Through [the author’s] exquisite literary taste and mastery, of the critical discourses most apropos to their elucidation, and always from the edifying posture of empathy, these major factors in the contemporary world-drama have been choreographed into a critical mural whose vividness is worthy of Rivera and Orozco.” – Henry Sussman, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Yale University

“The extent and scope of [Comprone’s] erudition and his ability to synthesize enormous material . . . make this study an intrinsically and extrinsically worthwhile activity. . . . It is an indispensable foundation and/or basis for any future exploration of the literary landscape of Latin America.” – Frank S. Conteh, Saint Paul’s College, Lawrenceville, Virginia

“This tracing and tying of threads of cultural history is one of the most salient features of this lucid comparative study. Equally intriguing, however, is Comprone’s argument that it is the struggle of Latin American writers to articulate their hybrid part-indigenous, part-conquistador identity that led to their transformation of objective reality into magical reality. In sum, this is a fascinating group of essays.” - Ms. Lisa Baltazar, Assistant Professor of English and Religion, Saint Paul’s College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Henry Sussman
1. Pablo Neruda: The Struggle for Historical Self-Consciousness in Alturas de Macchu Picchu
2. Mario Vargas Llosa: Betrayal, Père-version, and The Twisted Other in In Praise of the Stepmother and Los cuadernos de don Rigoberto
3. Carlos Fuentes’ Aura: A Window Into An Other Reality
4. The Estranged Other and Dialogic Imagination in Gabriel García Márquez’s Crónica de una muerte anunciada
5. Lo real maravilloso and Magic Realism in Latin American Literature

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