Fortunatus in His Many English Guises

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Written by Bristol Germanists past and present, this volume includes eleven research essays. Included are: The Babenburg Dukes; Schnüffis' Mirantisches Flötlein; Collin's Regulus; Nestroy and the Redemptorists; Alcoholism in 19th-century drama; Stifter's Bunte Sleine; Duels in Schnitzler's plays; Hofmannsthal's quatrains; Hofmannsthal's Prolog zu dem Buch `Anatol'; a Kafka notebook entry; and Contemporary Women's Writing in Austria. It also has numerous illustrations and a special preface by Professor Emeritus August Closs. Bristol Austrian Studies will appeal to all advanced readers of Austrian literature. Its critical range and stimulating subject matter are a tribute to the sustained interest in Austrian culture that characterizes the teaching and research of Bristol University's German Department.

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