Flannery O' Connor. Her Life, Library, and Book Reviews

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A survey of O'Connor's life and works, with a description of her personal library and the texts of 70-plus book reviews that O'Connor wrote in the last ten years of her life.


". . . engrossing . . . indispensable." - Washington Post

"As its title suggests, Lorine Getz's book is a three-stringed bow, and as such it will prove an indispensable work for O'Connor scholars in the foreseeable future. . . . One can imagine that the day may come when Getz's work here will be rendered obsolete, but it will have to be superseded on three fronts. . . . Until that day this research has provided us with an invaluable tool: we are all in debt for this careful scholarly work." - The Flannery O'Connor Bulletin

"Getz and the Edwin Mellen Press have performed a most valuable service in printing the previously unavailable book reviews of Flannery O'Connor." - Religious Studies Review

"O'Connor shocks us. Getz informs us. . . . [O'Connor] would almost surely be glad, along with us, that this book is in print." - TSF Bulletin ". . . rounds out nicely the data available for research concerning Flannery O'Connor . . . ." - Journal of t

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