Figure of Abraham in the Epistles of St. Paul. In the Footsteps of Abraham

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Examines Paul's faithfulness to his biblical heritage while at the same time identifying the Apostle as a maverick who used contemporaneous Jewish methods only to fracture the commonly accepted interpretations about Abraham. After studying all relevant Jewish and Christian literature from Genesis to the Rabbis, it is only in both Paul's epistles and Genesis that we discover similar themes concerning Abraham such as justification by faith, righteousness apart from law, blessing to the nations, etc.. This study yields new insights into the issue of Paul's continuity/discontinuity with the Old Testament and his Jewish heritage.


"Although several studies have been carried out on Paul's use of Abraham, none of them have provided an extensive comparison and contrast between Paul's thought and that of late Judaism in this regard. This book moves a long way toward filling that vacuum. In the process, the unique aspects of Paul's thought appear in sharper relief. Harrisville is conversant with a wide range of scholarship on his theme, as evidenced by one hundred page of copious endnotes and an extensive bibliography. His exegesis of the relevant Pauline passages in Romans and Galatians is especially enlightening on the intricacies and nuances of Paul's thought regarding Abraham." - Interpretation, A Journal of Bible Theology

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