Fervor Y Exilio En La PoÉtica De Humberto Costantini

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This study examines the poetic compositions of Humberto Costantini, an Argentinean writer who died in 1987, after living in exile in Mexico for seven years. The author illustrates the mode in which Costantini approaches a contrasting conflict: his love for Buenos Aires and his wrenching and sorrowful distress for those things that were not possible. This book contains 28 black and white photographs and 14 color photographs.


“This work fills a big gap in scholarship on [Costantini]. ... Well-written, what emerges from these pages is a social and literary tapestry that brings to the fore the psychological and social effect of the military dictatorship and the exile experience seen through the vantage point of Costantini.” – Dr. Greg Dawes, Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture, North Carolina State University

“Most research lacks the courage to cover a certain topic in academia. Actually, I do not recall anyone with the objectivity and liberty that Dr. Fontanet shows in his reflection, who has exposed the literature and opinions of those intellectuals, writers and journalists who condemned terrorism, violence, and authoritarianism during the dark years of the Junta Militar in Argentina.” – Dr. José Franco Rodríguez, Assistant Professor, Fayetteville State University

Table of Contents

1 El primer exilio de Costantini, Buenos Aires
2 El Segundo exilio de Costantini, Méjico
3 Regreso y embelso

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