Feminismo E Innovation En La Narrativa Gallega De Autoria Femenina - Xohana Torres, Marie XosÉ QueizÁn, Carmen Blanco Y Teresa Moure

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Centering on authors whose work represents the Galician region of northwestern Spain, this book showcases women writers who deal with feminist themes. The narrative structure is also analyzed and the main focus is to show how women are represented in the novels of several female authors.


“The authors aim, successfully argued and brought to fruition, is to unravel the way in which their corpus, from deeply seated feminist convictions, contributes to the renovation and evolution of the genre of narrative.”
Dr. Lilit Thwaites,
LaTrobe University

“With the ongoing consolidation of Galician Studies as an autonomous discipline within Hispanic and Lusophone Studies, there is a greater need for research materials in what is a rapidly changing discipline.”
Helena Miguélez Carballeira,
Bangor University

"... provides a useful insight into Galician women's narrative, with an extensive history of the field and in-depth analysis of the work of four of the most influencial and innovative women writers. Rodríguez sets out to analyse the innovation and impact of Torres, Queizán, Blanco and Moure and her work achieves this and more. Not only does she provide the field of Galician women's writing with modern literary models, she also links the works of the authors through themes such as the feminized quest romance and as such she defragmentizes the genre." Prof. Jennifer Rodríguez, University of Liverpool

Table of Contents

Prefacio/Foreword by Helena Miguélez Cabaralleira
Siglas y acrónimos
Capitulo I-Trayectoria histórica del feminismo en Galicia y las narradoras gallegas

Capitulo II – Adiós Maria de Xohana Torres como quest romance feminizado y crítica al franquismo

Capitulo III – Desafiando el silencio: maternidad, sexualidades alternativas y búsqueda de identidad en la narrativa de María Xosé Queizán

Capitulo IV – Vermella con lobos de Carmen Blanco: recreación subversia de los cuentos clásicos desde el feminismo libertario

Capitulo V – Desnaturalizando el género, naturalizando a la mujer: las historias transgresoras de Teresa Moure

Reflexiones finales
Obras Citadas
Índice de nombres y temas

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