Extant Poetry and Prose of Max Michelson, Imagist (1880-1953)

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Max Michelson was closely associated with Harriet Monroe and Poetry magazine from 1915 to 1921, after which time he was interned in a state mental hospital until his death. His poetry was regularly featured in Poetry, Others, and The Egoist, and in anthologies of ‘the new poetry’. Michelson’s work, both verse and prose, mediated between the populist orientation of Sandburg and Masters and the intellectualized European inclination of Pound and Eliot. This study includes a biographical essay which evolves into a historical and critical consideration of him and his work. The body of Michelson’s extant verse consists of the 57 published poems. This volume also includes prose, reviews, an essay, and letters from Michelson to Harriet Monroe. This will be a valuable volume for literary scholars of the period and university libraries, especially those with modern poetry collections.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Preface by Michael Anania
Introduction: Tracking Max, Toward a Biography
The Extant Poetry
The Extant Prose: Articles; Review; Letters

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