Exploring the Role of the Internet in Global Education

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This study explores the possibility of the Internet contributing to the goals and objectives of global education, emphasizing the overall cultural context and intercultural relations on local and global issues. The methodology involves content analysis of global education sites, interviews, and focus groups. It focuses particularly on human rights, antiracism education, and cross-cultural issues.


“There is no question that the topic covered in this manuscript is relevant and important to the field of education. With the ever-changing technologies that impact all aspects of education, it is essential that a text such as this be available. It is important that technology reaches more people and that training in its use be expanded. This text addresses that issue but delves into areas where disenfranchised populations have been excluded. The text provides strategies for overcoming many of these concerns.. Additionally, the text examines moral issues relating to the use of technology as they relate to freedom of speech….. the text examines these potential abuses objectively and fairly…. The authors also provide a list of pertinent web sites as well as activities in the appendices….these materials greatly enhance and support the content of the text.” – Barry Birnbaum, Northeastern Illinois University

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Foreword
1. Introduction: The Global Neighbourhood
2. Understanding Global Education
3. Understanding Culture
4. Understanding Cyberculture
5. Global Education and the Internet
6. The Internet
7. Culture on the Web
8. Sharing Experiences
9. Summary and Conclusion
Appendices; Bibliography; Index