Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Understanding of New Creation and Reconciliation in 2 Cor. 5:14-21

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In the span of these verses, Paul touches on issues which range from christology to soteriology to ecclesiology to eschatology, from the precise nature of God's activity in Christ (described here in terms of reconciliation), to the nature of Paul's knowledge of the historical Jesus and the new creation which his life, death, and resurrection have precipitated. This is the first in-depth treatment of these verses and their significance for Pauline theology.


"Nowhere in my opinion will one find a clearer, tighter, or more thorough exposition of this text than in Gloer's excellent treatment. . . . The student who wishes to work in the area of New Testament hymnic and creedal studies will find Gloer's summary very useful. This book is essential for anyone working in the area of Pauline soteriology. The preacher will find Gloer's exposition of this central Pauline teaching particularly helpful in setting forth the gospel message in a manner meaningful to today's increasingly alienated world." - John B. Polhill

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