Ethnography of an Anthropology Department. An Academic Village

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; preface
1. Introduction: The Point of Departure; The Anthropological Discipline
2. Historical Background
3. The Context: The Physical Setting; The Institutional Setting
4. Departmental Activities: Picnic, Dinner Parties, Poker Games, Cocktail Parties, Sherry Hour, Baxter's Parties; Conclusion
5. Autobiographical: About the Writers: Human Inferiority Feelings; My Pursuit of the Middle Class; Donald in Adulthood; Brian Price
6. Procterman
7. The Distinguished Professors: Baxter, Robinson
8. Bolder and Terry
9. Seymour Wilson
10. Conclusions: General; Pillar University; Higher Education; Society; Supremacy Narratives and Performances
11. Postscript
Appendix Place as Metaphor; Bibliography; Index

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