Ethics of Timelessness

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This major philosophical discourse covers topics as diverse as time, causality, ethics, metaphysics, utopianism, politics, poetics, medicine, immunology, and theology. Its central thesis, that metaphysics is a science of immunology for the human spirit, reunites philosophy with its roots. Jacques Derrida has created a metaphysical virus, differance, which deconstructs the philosophical immune system, undermining the metaphysician's ability to defend the system against rhetorical attack. This work is an attempt to construct a superimmune system, consisting of a number of immune systems all operating in tandem, to defend both the physical and metaphysical systems against infection.


"The author's analogy between AIDS and deconstruction theory, based on their joint attack against the immune systems that were once considered to be failure-proof, provided the right medical or rhetorical precautions were taken, is indeed ingenious. It allows him to orchestrate around it two hundred pages of an enlightening discussion concerning the failure of traditional metaphysics, and the pressing need for alternatives. . . . these are stimulating debates and questions. . ." - Constantin V. Boundas

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