Essays on the Music and Theoretical Writings of Thomas DeLio, Contemporary American Composer

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A revealing look at the artistic and theoretical output of Thomas DeLio whose original compositions, books, and essays are innovative, wide-ranging and wholly provocative. Through essays written by and in tribute to this composer and theorist his contribution to music is more thoroughly appreciated and understood.


“Thomas DeLio is, indeed, scholar and artist in one. His installations are experimental set-ups in psychoacoustics, his compositions and essays are about how sound, chosen with the utmost care, controls an aural experience.“ - Hermann Sabbe, Professor Emeritus of Musicology, State University, Ghent, and Université Libre, Brussels, Belgium

Table of Contents

Foreword: Framing Tom Herman Sabbe
I. Composer The Complexity of Experience - Thomas DeLio
Luminous Presence: Thomas DeLio’s ‘think on parch’ - Linda Dusman
Notes on Digital Silence: Listening to Tom DeLio’s Short Tape Works - Agostino Di Scipio
‘Bright Seaweed Reaping’: A Song of Thomas DeLio - Wesley Fuller
The Dialectics of Experimentalism - Christopher Shultis
Perception/Form: Thomas DeLio’s ‘Through’ for Solo Piano - Michael Boyd
The Evolution of Performance Practice: Thomas DeLio’s ‘wave / s’ - Morris Palter
. . .breaking the silence - Tom Goldstein
A Conversation with Composer Thomas DeLio - Tracy Wiggins
II. Theorist Circumscribing the Open Universe - Thomas DeLio
The Open Universe, Revisited - Thomas DeLio
Music / Talking About Music / Talking About Talking About Music - Robert Morris
Pitch, Timbre, and Space in Morton Feldman’s ‘For Frank O’Hara’ - Steven Johnson
The Sonic Landscape: ‘Bewegt’ by Anton Webern - Thomas DeLio
su una nota sola: Giacinto Scelsi’s ‘Quattro pezzi, No.3 - Thomas DeLio
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