Essays on Transgressive Reading Reading Over the Lines

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These essays examine texts from the Renaissance to the Postmodern, analyzing transgression's formation as a product of textual interdependence with audience, showing that subverted gender politics, unexpected genre combinations, and revised cultural histories result from textual transgression. The anthology emphasizes that transgression is not a transcendent transparent act that breaks cultural norms. Instead, western conceptions of text and audience construct the definitions and effects of transgression.


"This exciting collection of essays ranges widely over genres, periods, and subjects as it interrogates lines - boundaries - formed and crossed by readers and texts. The cultural formations composed along the insider/outsider divide are vividly explored by contributors concerned with, for example, taboo, adaptation, and colonization within the context of the creation of audiences by texts and of texts by audiences. Ranging across film, theater, poetry, music, psychoanalysis, history and prose, the essays . . . articulate with clarity and insight the way these terms form and re-form one another, continually redrawing the line that divides reader from text." - Mark Hussey

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