Essays on Politics, Language and Society in Luxembourg

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This volume presents a major collection of studies of life in Luxembourg since the 19th century. The volume is multilingual, and in order to make it accessible to readers unfamiliar with French and German, a summary of the articles appearing in these languages is given at the end of the book.


“Dr. Newton’s edited volume on Luxembourg provides unique insights into the politics, language and national psyche of a nation which, while being firmly placed at the centre of the European Union, none the less is greatly concerned that its own identity should not be lost amid the presence of so many foreign nationals. In addition to examining the role of Luxembourg within EU politics, this book investigates the expanding use of the national language, Lëtzebuergesch, and the adherence to national attitudes, traditions, and intellectual life which are so characteristic of the country. As such it provides a welcome expansion to the little that is available to the English-speaking world on the subject of Luxembourg.” – J. M Ritchie

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
List of maps and charts
Foreword; Preface
1. Luxembourg: a small country in a large organization. A comparison of the role of Luxembourg in the Benelux Union and European Union (Jason Campbell)
2. Who is in the driving seat? The influence of three small countries in the ‘cockpit of Europe’ on European Union integration (Maria O’Neill)
3. Luxembourg’s Presidency of the European Union, July-December 1997 (Stephen George)
4. Les institutions littéraires au Luxembourg (Tom Reisen)
5. Luxemburger Literatur im Spannungsverhältnis von nationaler Selbstvergewisserung und europäischer Wunschidentität (Germaine Goetzinger)
6. ‘Ech léiere Lëtzebuergesch, well ech . . . ‘ Learning Luxembourgish as a Means of Social and Professional Integration (Josiane Kartheiser)
7. Die Sprachen in Luxemburg und die Sprachen der Luxemburger (Fernand Fehlen)
8. Die luxemburgische Sprachlandschaft zwischen Belgien und Deutschland. Ein lexikalischer Bergleich von vier Arealen (José Cajot)
9. Germanic Dialect spoken in Lorraine, with reference to the use of dialect by cross-border workers in Germany and Luxembourg (Stephanie Hughes)
10. The spelling of Luxembourgish. Systems and developments since 1824. (Gerald Newton)
11. Word formation in Luxembourgish. Nominal and adjectival suffixes (Charles V. J. Russ)
12. Hausnamen in Waldbillig – An echo of traditional rural society in Luxembourg (Henry Wickens)
13. Jules Prussen: L’abandon de l’absolu (Norbert Campagna)
14. “cet immense jardin qu’on appelle l’Angleterre” – ou: Londres (1867-1869) vu par l’ecrivain francophone luxembourgeois Mathieu-Lambert Schrobilgen (Frank Wilhelm)
15. English summary of the articles in French or German (Gerald Newton)
16. Index

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