Essays on Old, Middle, Modern English and Old Icelandic

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Twenty-two scholars examine ancient and modern classics, ranging from Beowulf and Paradise Lost to Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead. Topics include Old English charms, Christian poetry, humour and riddles, Old Icelandic sagas, epic dragons, and women's roles.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword, Preface
Raymond P. Tripp, Jr.
Philology in the Rockies (Williams C. Johnson)
Old English and Medieval Latin Studies:
The Begang of Cynewulf’s “Fates of the Apostles” (James E. Anderson and Leslie D. Schilling)
Think of Wulfstan: The Author of Beowulf (Fidel Fajardo-Acosta)
A Bede Bibliography Preview: Hymn 6 – In Ascensione Domini (Donald K. Fry)
“Blow these vipers from me”: Mythic Magic in The Nine Herbs Charm (Stephen O. Glosecki)
Beowulf and the (In)effectiveness of the Ancient “Curse” (Shunichi Noguchi)
Irony in Beowulf (E. L. Risden)
Hell, Heaven, and the Failures of Genesis B (Tom Shippey)
Old English Poetic Vocabulary: “The formal word precise by not pedantic” (E. G. Stanley)
The Dragon in Beowulf: Cain’s Seed, Heresy, and Islam (Zacharias P. Thundy)
“An Insight of Form”: New Genres in Four Exeter Book Riddles (Edith Whitehurst Williams)
Old Icelandic and Medieval German Studies
The Voyage to Byzantium: Evidence from the Sagas (Helen Damico)
“Sometimes the Dragon Wins”: Unsuccessful Dragon Fighters in Medieval Literature (Joyce Tally Lionarons)
The Valkyrie Reflex in Havelok the Dane (Alexandra H. Olsen)
Figures of Female Cover on Medieval German Landscapes (Paul Beekman Taylor)
Middle English Studies
The Virgule in the Wife of Bath’s Prologue (N. F. Blake)
Topical Argument in Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess
An Introduction to a Textual Comparison of Troilus and Criseyde (Akiyuki Jimura)
Some Riddles about The Death of Blanche with Hints for a Few Answers (Ian Robinson and Doreen M. Thomas)
Early and Late Modern English Studies
Satan the Navigator (Masahiko Agari)
Beowulf Lives – And So Do His Worthy Adversaries: Archetypes and Diction, Both Old and New (Marie Nelson)
Publications of Raymond P. Tripp, Jr.

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