Essays on Fiction - Dickens, Melville, Hawthorne, and Faulkner

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These essays deal with the compositional and literary scope of the authors, resulting from the author's personal interest in and teaching.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


A Note on Name-symbolism in Melville

Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown": An Attack on Puritanic Calvinism

How Young Goodman Brown Became Old Badman Brown

Introduction to "Young Goodman Brown"

Why The Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale Was Not Named George

Hawthorne: Puritans, Catholics, and Quakers

Point of View in Absalom, Absalom!

The Three Plots in A Fable

Fate and "the Agony of Will": Determinism in Some Works of William Faulkner

Christian Symbolism in Some Works of William Faulkner

Bibliography, Index

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