Essays on Books and Bibliophiles - Aspects of the History of Books and Book-Collecting in America

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The essays and bibliography in this volume provide a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to the history of books and book collecting. It includes a long essay on the phenomenon of bibliophilia and bibliomania and the intense, sometimes consumingly passionate feelings collectors held for their collections. Two subsequent essays, on book collectors in Missouri and on the scholar-librarian Randolph Greenfield Adams of the Clements Library, University of Michigan, serve as case studies and suggest further research possibilities for those interested in mining the veins and deposits in the history of books and book collecting. The collection ends with a Selected Bibliography on Collecting Books and Manuscripts during the “Golden Age” of Collecting in America, c. 1890-1930.


“To write about books is to explore our humanity, for if there is truth or beauty in human thought, a vital expression of that thought is contained in and exemplified by the printed book….lovers of books – bibliophiles – have long been a sub-culture in the realm of letters….The following essays by Robert Shaddy explore aspects of bibliophilia and bibliomania by focusing on individuals along the entire spectrum of book-love – the amateur, the professional, the dilettante, and the maniac.” – Richard J. Ring, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

"Essays ultimately justifies continued book love and is a good match for any deliciously fevered or delirious collector." - Doug Diesenhaus, Fine Books & Collections

Table of Contents

Preface; Foreword
1. For the Love of Books: Aspects of Bibliophilia and Bibliomania
2. Randolph Greenfield Adams: Sentimental Bookman-Scholar and “Griffin” at the Gate
3. Book Collecting in Missouri: Three “Custodians of Culture”
4. Selected bibliography on Collecting Books and Manuscripts during the “Golden Age” of Collecting in America, c. 1890-1930
Bibliography; Index

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