Eric Voegelin's Platonic Theology Philosophy of Consciousness and Symbolization in a New Perspective

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A study of Voegelin's account of the experience and linguistic expression of divine reality. This book attempts to bring into relief the full import of his analysis by juxtaposing it with several competing theories of consciousness prevalent in modern philosophical discourse.


". . . a useful addition to a growing number of secondary sources devoted to explicating one or another aspect of Voegelin's work. . . . a sound and sensible account of one of the century's genuine philosophers. . . " - Barry Cooper

". . . may be of use to other searchers unfamiliar with Voegelin's work. . . readers may be drawn by Srigley's study to the original. . . . he handles the Platonic and Voegelinian texts well. . . is especially effective in his discussion of Voegelin's theme of "participation." Srigley's criticisms of modern and contemporary approaches to questions of philosophy and theology in his second chapter are succinct and effective and show that he knows how to use Voegelin's insights." - Paul Caringella

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