Equity in Operatic Casting as Perceived by African American Male Singers

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A study of casting of the Black male opera singer and issues that have not been formally addressed or openly confessed before, enriched by significant statements by fellow professionals. Offers evidence of sociological problems that must be addressed to overcome serious misconceptions. Includes an interview with George Shirley, and quotes from Simon Estes, Arthur Thompson, and Vinson Cole.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Issues Affecting the Contributions of the African American Male in Pursuit of an Operatic Career
African Americans in Opera: A Historical Context: Breaking Barriers in the Civil Rights Era
African Americans in History and Modern Society: African American Men on the Operatic Scene
Porgy and Bess
Realism within the Confines of Theatrical Convention and Race: Suspension of Reality in Opera; Race, Gender Discrepancies in Opera; The Myth of Realism in Casting
Make-up to Alter Racial Appearance
Our Study: The Range of Issues Affecting the African American Male in Opera
Jason Oby/George Shirley Interview, May 6, 1995
Conclusions: Demography; Their Perceptions; Personnel
A. Letter sent to African American Male Singers
B. Perceptions Survey sent to African American Male Singers
C. Perceptions Survey Response Frequency
D. Frequency and Percentage Tables to Selected Survey Responses
Reference List
Biographical Sketch

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