Encyclopedia of Jack Vance, 20th-Century Science Fiction Writer

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"This set results from an experiment by Mead to see whether a database system would help in analyzing a writer's works. Entries, arranged alphabetically by the first key word, consist of three pieces: a single word or phrase used by Vance in his stories, a definition based on information from Vance's various works, and a code - an abbreviation of the story or novel titles. A page number indicates where the term is first found in that particular title. Easy to use and of interest where stories and novels by Jack Vance are read and collected; highly recommended." - CHOICE

"The level of detail and explanation make this a book of significant value to the Vance student, one that should not only assist research, but also suggest additional areas of study. It may be equally valuable to the more casual reader, allowing a quick refresher course on what a word or term means. . . a resource that should be widely available in most academic libraries, where Vance is a popular recreational read and a subject of continued scholarship, and in larger public libraries." - Hal W. Hall, Curator and Bibliographer, Science Fiction Research Collection, Texas A & M University

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