Encountering America in the Golden Years of Academic Migration: Reminiscences of a Literary Historian (Softcover)

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"... this book tries to offer the general and academic reader an idea of what life was like for students and professors in and around North American humanities departments of public and private universities from the early 1950s to the early seventies, with an outlook on the subsequent decades. The time focused on then, is that between several years before the speculator Sputnik-induced increase of government support for higher education, ushering in a heyday of the humanities, and the dwindling of federal funding in the early 1970s in tandem with the economic downturn."
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Table of Contents


1. "Where the North Sea's Waves are Rolling on the Beach" Out of East Frisia (1952)

2. On the Gulf of Mexico In an American Family (1952)

3. "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You" at the University of Texas at Austin (1952-53)

4. Among Pioneers In a German Town in Texas (1953)

5. Germany Again In Heidelberg and Gottingen (1953-56)

6. Looking Ahead Transatlantic Temptations, English Sympathies (1956-)

7. Between Sierra and Pacific In Berkeley (1956-65)

8. Life after Berkeley In Toronto (1965-68) and at Harvard (1968-)

9. Looking Back Literary Studies in No Man's Land? Opportunities, Interests, Credo



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