The Italian-American Immigrant Theatre of New York City 1746-1899 - Volume 1, Book 9

The Italian musical emigration created an extra Italian community in New York in addition to the community of Italian political refugees and exiles. New theatres and entertainment venues continued to open. The year 1870, on the eve of mass migration, reveals the Italian immigrant community has become more sizable, more visible, more entrenched. The Italian population of the city consisted in part of the visiting transient entertainers in the fields of music, dance, circus and variety many remained in New York permanently and the aging political refugees and exiles.


“I have known and admired Dr. Aleandri for many years. From our first acquaintance, it was evident that she had a passion for Italian-American theatre. Her academic pursuits have dealt with these materials and a good part of her post-doctoral life has been devoted to this subject. I would wager that no one else knows the material so deeply and so widely as she does. What she has discovered and experienced should most certainly be preserved for future generations of scholars and practitioners.”
-Vera Moary Roberts,
Professor Emerita, Hunter-College