El Gobernador Prudente / The Prudent Governor by Gaspar De Avila

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This book is not only the first annotated edition of the play, El gobernador prudente by Gaspar de Avila is the third, and last, play on the deeds of Don GarcIa Hurtado de Mendoza, governor of Chile from 1557 to 1561.


“The Bibliography indicates Lerzundi’s exceptional expertise on seventeenth century Chilean colonial literature, and the Index includes a thorough list of onomastic, topographic, and commented lexicon. With this book, Lerzundi makes an important contribution to our understanding of colonial literature. Not only does he provide a valuable and accurate critical edition for both scholars and students, but he also makes available to the general reader a work of great historical interest.” – Prof. Marlene Gottlieb, Manhattan College, CUNY Graduate Center

“With this edition Patricio Lerzundi continues to rescue important plays dealing with the conquest of Arauco, Chile, providing readers with a needed insight into a still not well known relationship between Spain and America in Colonial literature.” – Prof. Reginetta Haboucha, Fashion Institute of Technology

“. . . demonstrates an extensive knowledge of both Chilean history of the period and the many chronicles, epics and plays devoted to the Spanish governor García Hurtado de Mendoza.” – Antonio Montero Abt, Society of Chilean Writers

Table of Contents

Preface by Marlene Gottlieb
El gobemador prudente
Jomada Primera
Jomada Segunda
Jomada Tercera

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