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The law relating to libel in United States jurisprudence is largely the creation of common law. The law concerning defamation of character has the same general basis of all law – that human beings interact with one another, and that laws exist as codes of conduct in social interactions. Laws concerning defamation are designed to protect reputations against derogatory falsehoods. Using an actual case, this book explores how law relating to libel and slander has evolved in recent years to its current status.


“ ... the law relating to libel and slander has undergone such change during the past sixty years that it no longer constitutes a significant restraint upon people saying or publishing anything they like – in reckless disregard of the truth ...” - from the Introduction

Table of Contents

I. Common Law
II. Common Law in the United States
III. Libel, the Bible, and the First Amendment
IV. The Evolution of Libel in the Courts
V. Who is Suing Whom?
VI. Vanity’s Fare
VII. Preparation for Trial
VIII. Our Day in Court
IX. Signs of our Times
X. The Final Verdict
Appendix A: “Vanity’s Fare,” October 1993 set forth in Record on Appeal in EMSCO v. Lingua Franca, 248 AD2d 1035 (1998) New York
Appendix B: Trial Court Decision, from Record on Appeal
Appendix C: Amended Complaint, from Record on Appeal
Appendix D: Affidavit of Richard S. Taffet, from Record on Appeal

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