New York Magazine, or Literary Repository (1790-1797). Vol. 2

The three volumes that make up this work are the records of the contents of The New York Magazine from the years 1790 to 1797. This study contributes to ordering the data and easing the ongoing work of assessing the worth of this magazine. Its intention is to make further examination of The New-York Magazine easier and to parade facts useful to students of the history of magazines or of popular culture.


“ ... it is expected that the data gathered [in this work] will birth new facts, add to knowledge, and improve understanding [of The New-York Magazine]. ..." – From the Introduction

Table of Contents

Volume One
1. Introductory Statement
2. Monthly Register of the Annotated Contents
3. Index of Titles and Initial Wording (Poetry)
Volume Two
1. Index of Titles and Initial Wording (Prose)
Volume Three
1. Index of Authors, Signatures, and Sources
2. Appendix: Gleanings from British Magazines
3. Works Cited and Consulted