New York Weekly Magazine. An Annotated Index of the Literary Prose, 1800-1811.

The New York Weekly began May 17, 1788, as The Impartial Gazetteer and Saturday Evening Post, published by John Harrisson and Stephen Purdy. Both profitable and popular, it culled works from such magazines as Westminster, Town and Country, European, London, Universal, and Lady’s. This catalog is designed to assist those who have learned the value of studying the lesser literature of this period. In addition to the main alphabetical listings, several special-interest headings have been used in a selective ‘subject index’.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Author Title Index to the prose
A Register of the Names in Anecdotes and Biographies
Subject Index:
Aboriginal Peoples
Amazons: Female Warriors and Unsex’d Females
American-Authored Works
Animal Stories
Classical Authors and Settings
German Translations, Characters, Etc.
Gothic and Sensational Tales
Irish Characters and Settings
Moral Essays: A First Line Index
Oriental Authors and Settings
Revenge Tales
Slavery and African Settings
Spanish Authors and Settings
Women: Detracted and Demonized
Women: General Stereotypes
Wonder Tales and Whoppers
Appendix, Works Cited