Early Sketches of German Architect Erich Mendelsohn (1887-1953) No Compromise with Reality

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Erich Mendelsohn was one of the most successful modern architects in Germany during the 1920s. This volume contains a catalogue of his early sketches. It establishes a chronological sequence of the sketches, and furnishes a clear explanation of his creative background. A detailed evaluation of his relationship to the Blue Rider group supplies a source for his Expressionist intentions and design theory. Mendelsohn's own statements, from papers and letters are examined. This book will benefit architectural historians and architects.


"By drawing upon sources only recently made available to scholars, Morgenthaler explores Mendelsohn's process of creation and the interrelationship between theory and his search for new architectural forms. . . . Morgenthaler's contribution to our understanding of Erich Mendelsohn's development lies in his sensitive and multi-layered exploration of the relationship between design and theory, the architect's process of creation, and the reconciliation of artistic vision with viable architectural form." - Katherine Solomonson

"Morgenthaler's reading of Erich Mendelsohn's early sketches is valuable on two levels; first as an historical record of these broad influences and, second, as a concise analysis of the evolution of an architectural vocabulary and its accompanying design theory." - Ned A. Collier

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