Dramaturgy of Mark Medoff. Five Plays Dealing with Deafness and Social Issues

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Select social and academic communities accord cultural status to deafness and disability, but cultural designation remains an intensely debated topic among many culture non-members and a sensitive “hot potato” among culture group members. As a result and with alarming speed and regularity, an increasing number of scholars now examine multiple facets of deafness and disability and how culture members intersect with mainstream society.


“If art mirrors life, for years mainstream theatre goers must have been left with the impression that deaf people do not exist. The professional stage rarely portrayed deaf characters, and even less frequently included deaf actors in plays that were not thematically based on deaf culture. People had good reason to believe that deafness was an invisible state in life. All that changed with Mark Medoff’s groundbreaking play Children of a Lesser God.”- I. King Jordan, President, Gallaudet University

“Zachary's documentation of Medoff's process informs and inspires while illustrating the challenges and rewards of theatre-making in our time.” - Prof. Alicia Kae Koger, University of Oklahoma

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mark Medoff
Preface by Phyllis Frelich
Commendatory Preface by I. King Jordan
The Plays
Children of a Lesser God
Phyllis Frelich Comments on Children of a Lesser God
The Hands of Its Enemy
Phyllis Frelich Comments on The Hands of Its Enemy
Phyllis Frelich Comments on Prymate
A Christmas Carousel
Phyllis Frelich Comments on A Christmas Carousel
Road to a Revolution
Phyllis Frelich Comments on Road to a Revolution
Works Cited
Interviews Conducted

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