Dramatization of Three Melville Novels with an Introduction on Interpretation by Dramatization

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Adaptation of three of Herman Melville's greatest works: Benito Cereno as a libretto for a three-act opera; Billy Budd, Sailor, and Moby Dick as plays.


" ... quite different from any other published dramatizations of these works, each offers a splendidly insightful interpretation of Melville's fiction. Equally original is Adler's 'Introduction' in which she discusses what drama can do that scholarly criticism cannot do, while also discussing what criticism can do that drama cannot ... The splendid Benito Cereno libretto succeeds admirably in dramatizing the perspective of the slaves ... Vibrant with its own poetry, the libretto also brings out Melville's poetic imagery and the grim humor of his novella ... HerMoby Dick is an astonishing achievement. It differs from all other dramatic -- and most critical -- interpretations in its revelation ... remarkable for its wealth of ideas, subtle characterizations, poetry, and humor. It is at once original in its conceptions and faithful to Melville's. This volume offers a rare combination of creative imagination and critical insight. It should have wide appeal for scholars, students, and any audience ready for challenging entertainment and illumination." - Professor H. Bruce Franklin

"Melville, Billy and Mars is a sensitive, faithful and altogether engaging adaptation for the stage. The dramaturgy is handled very well, with a simple set, effective transitions, excellent use of both lighting and music at just the right places, and maximum employment of Melville's own language ... I read it with great pleasure and I was powerfully moved." - Professor Merton M. Sealts, Jr.

"I am most impressed. All three plays represent a striking achievement." - Professor Wilson Harris

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