Dramatic Representations of British Soldiers and Sailors on the London Stage, 1660-1800 Britons, Strike Home

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This volume opens a window on the popular image of the British soldier and sailor from the Restoration through the end of the eighteenth century. For the student of the London stage, this book not only provides the military flavor of prologues, epilogues, songs, dances, music, spectaculars, mainpieces, and afterpieces, but also demonstrates the contribution of casting and staging. For the student of British military history, it demonstrates how dramatic entertainments provided insights on field and shipboard life, recruitment, impressment, pay, and the militia. It also illustrates how active stagecraft recreated the sights, sounds and smells of the man-of-war and camp.


". . . valuable for its wealth of theatrical examples. . . . the weight of Freeman's research is impressive, and points the way towards further work in a variety of areas, including social, theater, music, entertainment, cultural and military history." - Journal of Social History

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