Dramas of the Nuclear Age - A Descriptive List of English-Language Plays

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This volume provides as complete a bibliographical and descriptive record as possible of English-language plays that deal directly and significantly with “the Bomb”, a code-term denoting all major aspects of the Nuclear Age that relate to atomic weapons (but not to nuclear power). Descriptions of the plays are oriented toward their content as nuclear-age dramas. The descriptions are presented in chronological order, since the plays vary in nature and number according to the nuclear situation that existed in the real world. It includes a selective chronology of that evolving situation along with the landmarks of literature and journalism that it spawned. An index of playwrights concludes the volume.


“Any scholar or critic who works on modern drama knows, values, and relies upon the bibliographic expertise of Charles Carpenter. His dependable and expansive bibliographies for Modern Drama have been for decades essential resources for responsible research in the field. . . . Dramas of the Nuclear Age has all the qualities a researcher depends upon Charles Carpenter to supply: accurate and comprehensive coverage of the subject, thoughtful, balanced summaries of the plays, and sufficient supplementary information (source of text, first production date) to allow the user to proceed with confidence.” – Susan Harris Smith

“. . . an invaluable research tool. . . beautifully written analyses of individual plays, which convey the central events and thematic issues of the individual dramas, without falling into the ‘trap’ of being mere plot summaries. In fact, one can read the text chronologically as a dramatic analysis of a theme which evolves over a fifty year period.” – Kimball King

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Bernard F. Dukore
A Selective Chronology of Scientific, Political, and Cultural Developments Related to the Nuclear Age in General and Nuclear Drama in Particular
Dramas of the Nuclear Age: A Descriptive List of English-Language Plays
Index of Playwrights

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