Does Privatization Contribute to Social Development? A Case Study From Tanzania

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This book provides an in-depth assessment of the impact of sustainable development reform through privatization of public functions on economic growth and human development in a developing country setting.


"This book makes an immense contribution to the scholarship in public management policies and their implications for sustainable development policies and programs. It should therefore be of interest to students of Public Administration, Development Studies, International Studies, Political Science, African Studies, Social and Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Development as well as governmental agencies and NGO's. I highly recommend it for faculty and students in any of these disciplines and similar ones as well as researchers involved with Africa and Third World development in general."
-Prof. Joseph Osei, Department of Government and History, Fayetteville State University

From the Foreword
“Mushi’s and Mongkuo’s book is a major contribution to scholarship in the economic growth and human development outcomes of government intervention reform through privatization in developing countries. If the findings presented by the authors are indicative of the “true” impact of privatization in developing countries, then I can safely say that privatized management strategy does indeed matter in a developing country setting. And hence, there is no need to reform the reform. But as Mushi and Mongkuo said, such conclusion may be pre-mature at this point given the limited studies on the subject matter. This well-written and well-documented book significantly advance our understanding of this vital subject and open the floodgate for extensive research and inquiry into this subject for many decades to come”
-Prof. Solomon Terfa, Mississippi Valley State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Solomon Terfa, Ph.D

Sustainable Reform, Economic Growth and Human Development
The Need for Research on Sustainable Reform in Developing Countries

Chapter One:
Public Management Reform for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Reform Strategies
Public Management
Public Management Reform

Chapter Two:
Sustainable Development Reform for Economic Growth

Evolution of Privatization in Tanzania

Chapter Three:
Sustainable Development Reform for Human Development

Human Development Trends in Tanzania

Chapter Four:
Economic Growth and Human Development Debate in Developing Countries

Human Capital, Productivity and Economic Growth
Economic Growth and Human Development in Tanzania

Chapter Five:
Privatization of Public Goods and Services

Theoretical Framework of Privatization
Privatization Schools of Thought
Rationale for Privatization
Privatization in Africa
Privatization and Economic Growth
Privatization and Human Development
Privatization, Economic Growth and Human Development in Tanzania

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