Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri A Poetic Translation in Iambic Pentameter and Terza Rima

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This is the only translation in the 400-year history of Dante translations into English that is perfectly rhymed. When read metrically, the translation falls into perfect iambic pentameter, and when read naturally, it flows in a meter very similar to Dante's original. This translation avoids the archaisms and awkward syntax of other rhymed translations and is more literally accurate.


"This English rendering of the poem captures the courtly rhythms and majestic rhyme schemes without too much fracturing English word order and other syntactic features. The notes are kept to a minimum, devoted to basic identification of themes and persons. . . . Arndt's poetic feat is an impressive tour de force of Edwardian diction that should find favor with Dante votaries. Recommended." - The Reader's Review (N. 124)

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