Development of the Croatian Nation

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This study examines the processes of social change that characterize the (re)formation of the nation. It argues that such processes can only be identified through the examination of the interplay between social structure, culture and agency in a specific period of time. Through the exploration of the basic assumptions of Social Realist Theory, a methodological framework is constructed for the analysis of the morphogenesis of the nation.


“ ... What comes out most forcefully from Dr. Uzelac’s incisive analysis is the sheer variety of nationalist ideologies espoused by Croats from the early nineteenth to the late twentieth centuries, from the Illyrianism of South Slav intellectuals to the nationalism of the Peasants’ Party, the fascist nationalism of the Ustasha and the nationalist rhetoric of Franjo Tu?man ... This brief overview of Dr. Uzelac’s monumental study hardly does justice to the wealth of its ideas and the originality of its theoretical framework and methodology. Combining theory, history and detailed empirical analysis of recent developments, Dr. Uzelac makes an outstanding contribution to our understanding both of the baffling problems of nationalism and the formation of nations, and of the troubled but fascinating modern history of Croatia.” – (from the Preface) Anthony D. Smith, Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics

“This book pursues a double task: elaborating a theoretical and methodological framework for the analysis of the formation of nations from a sociological perspective, and applying this approach to a specific case, that of Croatia. The case for a more complex and nuanced approach to specific cases of national (re)formation is made through a critique of the claims (and limitations) of the dominant theories of national emergence; this book is an excellent example of both a theoretically- and historically-based critique of these theories, very convincingly carried out ...” Professor Wendy Bracewell, University College London

“This book represents a major contribution to the study of nations and nationalism. In many respects, this is a unique work as it successfully attempts to bridge contemporary social theory, most advanced qualitative and quantitative research methodology with up-to-date theorization of nationalism. Moreover, the author offers an unparalleled historical sociology of Croatian nation formation ... This is an outstanding piece of innovative scholarship of the highest academic standard.” – Dr. Sinisa Malesevic, National University of Ireland

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface by Anthony D. Smith
Part One: Theoretical Framework
1. The Nation as Social Form
2. Operationalization and Methodology
Part Two: The Case of Croatia
3. Nineteenth-Century Croatian Nationalist Ideologies
4. Twentieth- Century Croatian Nationalist Ideologies
5. Franjo Tu?man’s Nationalist Ideology
6. Nationalist Ideologies in the Croatian Educational System
7. Primary Agents: Attitudes Toward the Nation
Theoretical Framework Reconsidered

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