Development of Roy Simmonds as a Steinbeck Scholar as Evidenced Through His Letters. The Life and Achievement of an Independent Academic

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This book is the first study on the respected Steinbeck scholar Roy Simmonds. It examines the rise of an unknown, unlettered boy to a giant in Steinbeck studies. Lynch gives an overview of Simmonds life interspersed with tributes from some of the most well-known scholars in the field.


"This book is a welcome testament to respected Steinbeck scholar Roy Simmonds, whose productive life heretofore has not been given the retrospective treatment it deserves. Audry Lynch's book goes a long way toward filling that void, providing as it does excerpts from her 10-year correspondence with Simmonds, along with remembrances from many other Steinbeck scholars with whom he had long and cordial, collegial friendships....By collecting these remembrances and by providing context and narrative, filling in with broad strokes the various stages and events in Simmonds's life and career, and with her privileged position as correspondent with Simmonds, with her access to many of his papers, and as a Steinbeck scholar herself, Audry Lynch has ably and interestingly provided a worthy legacy for a most deserving subject."

Doug Temkin
West Valley-Mission Community College

"Steinbekians throughout the world still miss Roy Simmonds. His contribution to Steinbeck studies was extremely great. Lynch delineates her arguments very clearly so that Roy Simmond’s life and personality are fully described."

Kiyoshi Nakayma
Kansai University, Japan

From the Foreword
"A moving story which allows the reader a rare glimpse into the making of a writer. It shows, in Simmonds’ own words, how difficult and long is the road to literary success."

Charles F. Hunter, Professor Emeritus
San Jose City Community College

Table of Contents

Professor Emeritus Charles F. Hunter
“Interview with Roy Simmonds” by Dr. Tetsumaro Hayashi

Chapter 1: Portrait of the Writer, Roy Simmonds at Work
“The Pleasures of Writing Literary Biography” by Roy Simmonds

Chapter 2: How Simmonds Dealt with Rejection and Acceptance in His Writing Life
“Remembering Roy Simmonds (1925-2001),” by Robert De Mott

Chapter 3: Simmonds’ Lifelong Assignation with Steinbeck
“In Memoriam: Roy Simmonds” by Warren French

Chapter 4: The Making and Selling of a Steinbeck Collection
Roy S. Simmonds: An Annotated Bibliography of His Works Compiled and Edited by Robert B. Harman

Chapter 5: A Man of Many Interests
“Life with an Unassuming Academic,” by Aileen Lightfoot

Chapter 6: Travels and Steinbeck Festivals
“Roy Simmonds” by John Ditsky

Chapter 7: Simmonds, Steinbeck and England
“Roy Simmonds: Gentleman and Scholar” by Mimi Gladstein

Chapter 8: Simmonds Creates a Circle of Steinbeck Friends
“Roy Simmonds: Mentor and Friend” by Maxine Rosser

Chapter 9: The Final Chapter
“Some Final Words” by Aileen Lightfoot
Correspondence from Roy S. Simmonds to Dr. Audry L. Lynch, 1992-2001
Correspondence between Roy S. Simmonds and Art Ring, 1986-2001
Correspondence from Roy S. Simmonds to Kiyoshi Nakayama, 1989-2001
Correspondence from Roy S. Simmonds to Preston Beyer, 1970-1994



Appendix A: The Works of John Steinbeck

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