Depiction of Women in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination

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The third book in Dr. Gathercole’s studies in medieval French manuscript illuminations (Animals in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination and The Landscape of Nature in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination) the present work furnishes further historical documentation for comprehending the life of the times of the composition of the manuscript, an insight into medieval civilization, the role of women. Female costuming is well portrayed, many activities are shown. Among them are depicted ones especially from the upper classes, but also women of antiquity, goddesses, Lady Fortune, personified abstract qualities, the Virgin Mary, female saints, and other Biblical figures. Many of the illustrations found in this volume date from the 15th century, the height of manuscript illumination.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Introduction; Dress; Physical Appearance; Activities; Specific Female Figures of Antiquity and Medieval Times; Goddesses and Other Female Mythological Figures; Lady Fortune; Personification of Abstract Qualities; The Virgin Mary; Female Saints and Other Biblical figures; Adam and Eve; Nuns; Conclusion; Selected Bibliography

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