Democracy and the Role of the Haitian Media

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This study includes an explanation of the origins of the exiled Haitian press, the revolutionary character of the Haitian-American press, historical development of media in Haiti, and the relationship between media and the government from 1986 to 1999. It also contains a review of the literature and a theoretical base developed after reviewing the political systems of the press. It uses this most-difficult-case scenario to illustrate the changing pattern media may take in helping to create a democratic society.


“Provides the reader a complete panorama of the early developments of the media and how it has been manipulated throughout its history of more than three centuries by local governments, mainly military regimes. . . In her very scholarly style, Rhodes very refreshingly combines arid fundamental concepts of journalism and the press with a pleasant historical description of the origin and development of the power struggle in Haiti. . . .her analysis of the media institutions is thorough as she examines the media abroad, especially the existing Haitian outlets in the U.S., and holds them as contributing factors in the eventual democratization of the country and strengthening of the local media. . . . This book is a necessary item for the specialized collector or reader.” – Jairo Lanao

“The author has clearly done a tremendous amount of research to unearth historical facts, which she has put together to come up with a publication which is recommended reading for anyone who is interested in the media in Haiti or even in the history of that Caribbean country. . . . The book is a vade-mecum. One can refer to it over and over again to gather information, to obtain knowledge about Haiti.” – Ainsley Sahai

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Foreword
1. Introduction: Democracy and the Role of the Haitian Media
2. Transitions: Mass Media and Democracy
3. Relationships: Media with Government
4. History: Development of Media in Haiti, 1700s-1956
5. Duvaliers: Control of Mass Media, 1957-1986
6. Diaspora: Development of Haitian Media in the US, 1970-1990
7. Upheaval: Mass Media in Haiti, 1986-1991
8. Elections: Mass Media in Haiti, 1992-1999
9. Future: Mass Communication Media in Haiti
10. Discussion: Mass Media’s Role in Haiti
Bibliography; Index

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