Debate on Grammar in Second Language Acquisition - Past, Present, and Future

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This study provides an historical review of grammar’s treatment in the second language classroom followed by a series of studies examining the effects of schema theory on grammar acquisition. It provides both theoretical and practical contributions to the fields of language acquisition and applied linguistics.


“Gascoigne illustrates how the major methodological trends associated with second and foreign language acquisition have emerged from these shifts in orientation. . . . Gascoigne’s work provides a thorough history of how explicit and implicit influences have affected the development of respective methodologies and has created a substantial argument for the merging of these styles. In this regard, Gascoigne’s support of consciousness-raising grammar instruction may have profound effects on the way grammar is thought of and taught in today’s second and foreign language classroom. “ – Rebecca L. Chism

“Gascoigne takes the reader through movements outside of language learning that have shaped language instruction, as well as through the major instructional language methods and approaches of the last century, all the while focusing on the role of grammar instruction. She presents the studies on the topic in a clear and concise manner, demonstrating that this manuscript is well-researched as well as highly relevant. . . an effective tool that will make researchers and educators alike stop to consider their own past, present and future in determining the role of grammar in the acquisition of a second language.” – Karen L. Robinson

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Foreword
1. Introduction
2. External Influences
3. Implicit and Explicit Traces in Second Language Methodology
4. Implicit Versus Explicit Research: Toward a Fusion of Extremes
5. Focus-on-Form with a Focus on the Future
Bibliography; Index

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