De La Cultura De Desigualdad Al Espacio De Violencia En La NovelÍstica De Arturo Uslar Pietri

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This study presents a critique of the culture of violence in Arturo Uslar Pietri’s novels: Las lanzas coloradas and El camino de El Dorado. Drawing from cultural theories expounded principally by Spivak, Eagleton, William, Jameson, Massumi, and Marcos, it demonstrates that the expression of violence in Uslar Pietri’s fiction reveals multiple axes of exploitation of subject people (women, Indians and blacks) in colonial Venezuela and in the Latin American continent at large. In Spanish.


“Johnny Webster could not have chosen a more timely topic for his study of the work of Venezuelan novelist Arturo Uslar Pietri. . . . the universal question still remains as to whether violence can be removed with, or without, violent means. There is no easy answer to this question, but Professor Webster succeeds in raising our consciousness, and our understanding, with this study of violence in these works of South American narrative literature.” – Arrnand F. Baker

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