A Search for Sacred Rules

This book is an eloquent call to restore the element of sacredness to the legal profession. Utilizing an inspirational writing style, it examines the practice and teaching of law through a spiritual lens. It not only identifies the spiritual challenges that the profession faces, but offers concrete and theoretical alternatives than can be embraced and pursued. Through the use of metaphors that capture the difference between the attorney personality and the lawyer’s soul, this book seeks to inspire the imagination and spirit of lawyers instead of regulating their actions.


“At a time when the law professions are searching for identity and respect, this book is a most important reflection on ethics and professionalism. Through this volume, judges, lawyers, legal educators, law administrators, students and others who make their careers within law systems are taken on a meaningful journey – a journey of the Heart and Soul ... This book will not change all legal structures and does not attempt to. The adversarial system will survive and many will continue to praise the virtue of the zealous advocate. However, this book will change the professional lives and actions of many who read it. It is a must reading for the law professional.” – David T. Link, Joseph A. Matson Dean and Professor Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame Law School

“Professor Hall compellingly, yet humbly and with infectious enthusiasm, beckons us to swim with him in the sacred river of spirituality that offers to revitalize us as individual lawyers, as well as the institutions that impact our profession ... he makes a convincing case for the urgent need for this revitalization, drawing on a multitude of examples where we, as lawyers, and our institutions have fallen short of fulfilling our responsibility to ourselves and to our society. The profession is indeed fortunate to have this book come along at such a critical time. It deserves to be read by anyone who is concerned for his or her own vitality and for the future of our profession and our society.” – John D. Hamilton, Jr., Former Managing Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr LP, Boston

Table of Contents

1. On the Wings of Spirit
2. A Search for Sacred Rivers
3. Practicing Law from the River
4. Teaching to the River
5. The Social Justice River
6. New Streams and Old Dreams
7. Voices from the River