Damaging Effect of Recent British Educational Reforms on Secondary School Teachers. An Empirical Study

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Examines the political context of recent educational policies and the replacement of tracing a broadly social democratic consensus view on the purpose of state education with the radical market-led neo-liberal policies of successive Conservative and New Labour governments.

The study establishes a phenomenological methodology for exploring the world view of senior professionals engaged in the process of managing a specialist secondary school in England.


“What makes [this] book particularly insightful and important to read is its use of phenomenological analysis to underscore the ‘political economy’ theoretical approach to ‘the reform agenda’ [in the UK].” – Prof. Mike Cole, Bishop Grosseteste University College

“. . . provides evidence of the paradoxical effects of restructuring initiatives following neo-liberal ideologies. While these restructuring initiatives stress increased performativity and excellence they have remarkable downsides when looked at the point of view of teacher identity and teacher investment.” - Prof. Ivor Goodson, University of Brighton

“. . . this book is a timely warning to those in a position to influence the future direction of state education that relies upon crude target setting and inappropriate and divisive management models cannot succeed in providing the quality of education children deserve.” - Prof. Dave Hill, University of Northampton

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Mike Cole
1. Establishing the Political Context
2. Methodology
3. The Construction of Teacher Identity
4. Perspectives on Inclusion and Exclusion
5. Perspectives on Collegiality
6. Embracing the Agenda of Reform?
7. Conclusions and Reflections

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