Cult of the Matronae in the Roman Rhineland: An Historical Evaluation of the Archaeological Evidence

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This book examines the cult of the Matronae as it occurred in the Roman Rhineland and explains the symbolism and inscriptions found on the altars. The work reviews previous scholarship on the subject, investigates ideas of Romanization, and concepts of bias and cultural exchange. This book contains six black and white photographs.


“Dr. Garman has comprehensively reviewed the surviving evidence, seeking to discern the cult’s nature and its regional appeal. He has deftly applied insights drawn from ancillary disciplines like toponymy, omnastics, surveying, iconography, and epigraphy.” – Lawrence Okamura, Columbia, Missouri

“Garman’s survey of stone altars from the second and third centuries sheds light on both dedicants and artists, who struggled to translate their concerns with fertility and the afterlife into classical visual terms.” – Dr. Marcus Rautman, Professor, Late Antique and Byzantine Art, University of Missouri-Columbia

“Like any well-trained historian of the Roman Provinces under the Empire, Garman avoids rhapsodic speculation and focuses attention on the limited but important topics that can be addressed through careful and ingenious study of the largely mute surviving evidence.” - Charles G. Nauert, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Missouri-Columbia

"In this small book Garman gives a useful short overview of the cult of the Matronae in the Rhineland, in particular what was the Ubian territory in the province of Germania Inferior. This cult of three women flourished from the fourth to fourth century. ... One advantage of this lack of 'sources' is that we do not have to take Roman political attitudes into account. Instead, for G., the keywords of this cultural exchange are 'bias' and 'ethnic interaction'." -- Dr. Brigitte Beyer, Landes Museum Bonn

Table of Contents

Foreword by Lawrence Okamura
1 The Rhineland and the Romans
2 Issues and Problems in the Study of Religion and Romanization
3 Who Were the Matronae
4 Location of the Matronae Altars and the UBII
5 Analysis of the Matronae Inscriptions
6 Post Classical References to the Matronae
7 Conclusions About the Cult of the Matronae
Appendix: Catalog of the Matronae Altars in the Ubian Territory
List of Abbreviations

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