Critical Edition of the Novels of Scottish Writer Henry Mackenzie (1745-1831)

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The editor has done scholars a service by preparing this modern critical version of Mackenzie’s three novels. Today neither the original manuscripts nor proper scholarly editions exist. Immensely popular in their time, they tell the reader much of life and social transformation in 18th Century Scotland


“The three novels that appear now for the first time together in a modern critical edition deserve to be read widely. They have much to tell us about the time in which they were written. But more important, they reward the reader.”-Prof. John D. Baird, University of Toronto “…a project which brings together the scholars with the right skills to bring to conclusion a classic edition with a much-needed contribution to the history of the novel. …it will become a necessary university library purchase, and also necessary purchase for the large number of academics concerned with the eighteenth-century novel on both sides of the Atlantic.”-Prof. David Punter, University of Bristol

“The three novels contained in this edition are among those that have attracted the most critical attention. Having them available to students and scholars will fill a gap indeed.”-Prof. Peter Sabor, McGill University.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John D. Baird



List of Lifetime Editions


Note on the Text

The Man of Feeling

The Man of the World

Julia de Roubigne

Textual Notes

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