Critical Edition of Girart D’amiens’ L’istoire Le Roy Charlemaine (Book Three)

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L’Istoire le roy Charlemaine is one of the very last still unpublished chansons de geste in French literature, since until recently scholars have neglected the genre of late medieval remaniements and compilations to which it belongs. This critical edition of the 23,348 line poem will be greatly appreciated by French and medieval scholars. Preface and introduction in English, text and notes in French.


“The publication of this edition of Girart d’Amiens L’Istoire le roy Charlemaine marks one of the more fortuitous events in the study of medieval French epic literature….During the past century at least four other scholars, including this writer, had announced their intention to produce such an edition and then abandoned the task for various reasons, primarily the enormity of the task. Where four others had tried and failed to produce an edition, Daniel Métraux succeeded, working from microfilm copies of the three manuscripts in his self-appointed task, and we are the richer for his efforts….This edition is a monument to Girart d’Amiens and to epic literature in general.”
– John Robin Allen, Saint John’s College, University of Manitoba

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