Creation of Religious Identities by English Women Poets From the Seventeenth to the Early Twentieth Century Soulscapes

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Offers a text-centered investigation of the basic concerns, modes, and desires in British women’s poetic interactions with the Christian religion. Covers not only the well-known poets such as Anne Bradstreet, the Brontes, and Emily Dickinson, but also many lesser-known ones.


“This is an intellectually ambitious project, partly because it is so wide-ranging, and partly because it takes on a very demanding set of questions about the relationship between Christian iconography and the self-imaging of women writers. . . . the critical observations offered here, on poet after poet, are of a very high calibre indeed. . . . She is a superb reader of individual texts, and she is capable of expressing her interpretations with clarity and wit.” – Ronald Huebert

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Introduction: Women, Religion, and the Critics, Parameters
Section I: Identities
1. A Woman and her God
2. The Two-Husbands-Topos
3. Justifications
Section II: Matter(s)
4. Material Universes
Section III: Gendered Deities
5. Erotics
6. Female Deities
Conclusions and Constellations (Motifs Constant and Various; Between Men)
Appendix: Bio-Bibliographical Sketches; Works Cited; Index

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